Montreal based Andrew Ly’s approach to his work is multidisciplinary; he is involved in the different aspects of creation, art direction, construction of pieces, and creative direction. The images Andrew creates are based on an interpretation of men, women, and fashion in our society focussing on an organic aesthetic and an awkward beauty.

His work has led him to several industry awards and collaboration with reputable brands such as AVEDA and

L’OREAL. His creative vision has been featured in numerous magazines such as Fashion, Elle and Zink.


Melissa Matos graduated with a BFA in Concordia University, specializing in Fibre arts. Her work as founder and designer for collective PowerHaus has led her to work in production and wardrobe styling in Paris and London, England, where she is currently based. She has been involved in exhibiting and curating over 30 exhibitions and numerous collaborations. She has been featured in several publications, including Soma, Vogue, ELLE, Anthem, Blend, Vice and Zink.